Your Business Telephone System in the Cloud

Lower your per minute costs

Tired of paying hefty phone bills? Trust us, we know how service providers lure you into phone services that include minutes that you either don't even use or charge you outrageous rates for local and long distance minutes. Even worse, contracts based services mean you are stuck with the service provider for the length of the contract even if you are dissatisfied with the quality or pricing.

At we made sure that "You" have total control of your minutes and are free to bring you own minutes provider to our service. With us, you get to choose the best minutes provider according to "your" locality, budget and desired quality. And the best part is, if you are not happy with your minutes provider, you can always switch to another one and still stay with our rock-solid service. Another great benefit of setting up your own minutes is that you can setup multiple minutes providers for different routes, which is guaranteed to result in an overall lower cost per minute for you. For example you could setup one trunk for local calling and another one for calls to India and cut your phone bill in half.

A guaranteed scalability plan

At some point most business owners struggle with the decision on whether to update their existing phone system or seek alternatives. The typical questions they are faced with are, Is it worth the investment? Is the business large enough to benefit from the upgrade? Would the company need to invest in training its maintenance staff for the new system and how will the new system fare if the company grows or shrinks in the future? guarantees an embedded scalability plan making sure that you pay only for what you use now, allowing you to add or remove users as and when required, without ever having to worry about changes to your company structure. Your business can grow from one person to several hundred and back again - the system stays the same. You can have a single office or multiple branch offices spread out all over the world - your system doesn't change. With you don't have worry about new capital expenditures, training and maintenance expenses or equipment depreciation. Whatever your needs may be, our hosted solution molds itself to meet them.

Keep your existing number

We know how much trouble it is when your number changes and all your contacts need to be notified. Our service ensures that you get to keep you existing toll free or local numbers as well as your minutes provider and use them with our service. By bringing your minutes provider and your existing numbers to, you get to keep the number your customers use to call you while enjoying the features and benefits of without ever having to go through the trouble of getting and advertising a new number for your business. And the best part is, you can always port your number to another minutes provider and still stay with our service.

Free on-net calls

Another great thing about is that you don't need to pay your minutes provider for intra domain calls. Calls to any other extension in your company on are not charged at all! Even if your team members are spread out in different locations, cities or countries, calls between your team members are totally free. Your team members wishing to join a conference call can dial into the conference server completely free of charge no matter where they are located. Tele-workers can call their colleagues from home as if they were in the office. This great feature is one more reason to get your clients, suppliers and other stakeholders you frequently communicate with on The free on-net calling feature works across all devices so that you can make calls directly from your desk phone, softphone or your WiFi enabled cell phone.